Glitter Cakes

Cupcake Bottle

Or cake, singular, of the cup-type variety, which is actually a quite large, crystal-studded nail charm from Daily Charme. Nail charms are one of those embellishments I have a hard time getting behind, and not just because even at their tiniest, they’re still rather obtrusive. No, my issues stem from the fact that they’re very “one look”; unless you have mile-long talons that can accommodate a jewelry box worth of studs, charms and crystals, the best you can do is to simply lay the charm on your nail, the end. Lather, rinse, repeat.

And so knowing that, I thought I’d highlight this adorable, but simple, cupcake charm by laying it atop another product I often struggle to find multiple uses for, mega glitter bomb crelly (ugh) and jelly polishes (here KB Shimmer’s Sweet Egg-scape.) I absolutely adore these kind of polishes (they always either look like jam or sprinkled frosting to me) but their utility is limited, particularly those featuring some of your more unique colour combinations. So it was great fun to find a polish that plays off so nicely against the cupcake charm, with Sweet Egg-scape’s pink, silver, red, turquoise and periwinkle glitter picking up the tiny iridescent flashes of the charm’s crystals. Sweet and charming.

Cupcake Fingers

5 thoughts on “Glitter Cakes

  1. Mmmm cake…

    The charm is cute! There was a nail art TV show last year and I couldn’t stick with it, they went right for the super long nails with all sorts of crazy embellishments, right from the start, so they had to keep going to more extremes. It is taking up room on my DVR.

    • Oh right, I heard about that. Nail It or something punny like that? I’ve never liked all that over the top gel and 3D embellishment stuff – it’s so tacky. The problem is, I can’t get beyond the tacky to appreciate how difficult some of those designs must have been.

      • Yep “Nail’d It”, it was on Oxygen channel. Like you said, creating stuff out of gel, big 3D embellishments. And then they had to throw in the mean girl stuff, where they’d do a shorter initial challenge, and the winner of that be given one of a varying “reward” during the longer challenge. Like getting to change around what everyone was working on half way thru, or getting to pick someone to lose out on a half hour of work time. Sigh.

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