Rainbow Knits

Rainbow Knit Fingers Front

It’s frosty cold and snowy today, and I thought my nails – in addition to the rest of me – could use some bundling up in something bright and cheerful.  This little chicken scratch-type knit pattern is a favourite of mine.  It’s easily adaptable to any sort of colour combination, particularly variegated rainbows, and a dead easy technique, to boot – nothing more difficult here than some very basic brushwork.

I did get a little overzealous with the clean-up, though, and my middle finger paid the price. That’s why it’s adorned with a pretty little bow; all the better to hide the quarter inch of blank space between my cuticles and the rest of my manicure!

Rainbow Knit Fingers Angle

16 thoughts on “Rainbow Knits

  1. How do you keep your cuticles so healthy looking given that you paint your nails daily (meaning you need to use nail polish remover daily!) Mine are so dry right now with the cold weather!

    • Thank you for noticing that my cuticles are doing all right for themselves! And really, that’s through no real intervention on my part – I barely have a hand care routine. I don’t use hand cream at all regularly, but I do roll on a cuticle oil after every mani. I let it soak in for a little bit – sometimes as little as five minutes – and then before I take my pictures, I wash my hands just with a soap from Bath and Body Works to get the excess oil and any bits of dirt off my nails. And that’s pretty much it. By all rights, my cuticles should be in tatters – I go at them with 100% acetone on a detail brush every single day – but somehow they’re not.

      • Yeah, pretty much! How obnoxious is that?! Although I have found that a hands-off approach to most beauty things is the way to go. Keeping things simple and consistent seems to work better than bouncing from product to product, treatment to treatment. Having said all that, my nails are still half-neon yellow from my run-in with a green holo before Christmas. Worst staining ever – I couldn’t handle it if my cuticles were also pee green. 😦

      • Well, thank you – I think I’m lucky, because lots of people’s hands just go kind of bonkers with dryness in the winter months. Knock on wood, but my skin tends to be fairly undramatic.

  2. Clever way to hide overdoing the cleanup! I hate when that happens. The pattern and vertical gradient are fun, and a nice rainbow of color sure would be nice to see in winter (always so overcast here in winter).

    • Thank you! Yes, it’s always such a drag when you are the worst enemy of your own manis. Like my nails aren’t short enough as it is! Now I gotta go take away the little space I have to work with? 🙂

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