Foot Candy

Ice Cream Shoe Collage

No, I have not changed the focus of this blog to foot fetishism…yet.  Rather, I received a rather awesome pair of ice cream-style ballet flats for Christmas (generous gift-giver: me!) that were just begging for a sweet matching mani, and who am I to deny my shoes when they’re calling out for love?

Shoe Ice Cream Fingers

This manicure is your basic drippy waffle cone design, but the shoes are a different matter altogether. Available solely (heh) through Shoe Bakery, these flats, and their many gorgeous high-heeled cousins, are handmade, custom made and beautifully unique – edible-looking, wearable works of art that are now inspiring this edible-looking, wearable work of nail art.  I can’t wait to give these guys a proper workout come the spring and summer – just in time for ice cream season.

Ice Cream Shoes

13 thoughts on “Foot Candy

    • Yes, the price is a bit out there. I’ve had my eye on them for a while, though, and combined with some Christmas money I received…I kinda had to. Had to, I say! The high heels are bananas, though – so uncomfortable looking, but gorgeous.

      • Agreed…the wedges too…I thought I could get away with wedges, and bought some Toms ones from Hautelook that I’d been eyeing at Nordstrom Rack. I wore them to work and felt like I was on stilts…ended up in my backup sandals I’d brought. 😀

      • Ugh, wedges – really so unwieldy. I don’t wear heels as much as I used to, but I used to be able to wear nutso stilettos. I’m not sure I could take on – or want to take on – the uber platform ones that are everywhere now.

  1. I’m not a shoe person, but ice-cream I can wear on my feet – hell yes! I don’t want to sound like a parrot to the people above, but they are just so cute! And the nail art is ace!

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