Unicorn Bath: A Mini Lush Review

Unicorn Bath Collage

At the end of last year – you know, 18 whole days ago – I purchased a number of bath time goodies from Lush, including this colourful cutie, a bath bomb by the name of a Luxury Lush Pud.

Lush Pud

As I already noted here, I think the main reason I purchased this bath bomb is because I delight in its silly name.  “Pud” is just such a funny word, is it not?  Because bath bombs and other assorted bath time products are typically not my jam.  I’m predominately Team Shower, in no small part because my bathtub is quite tiny and really can’t accommodate me AND a metric ton of bath products.  But the Pud was too cute, and I was powerless to resist its rainbow-hued charms (or the many, many 30 second videos I watched on Instagram of Puds spinning about a tub) so into the virtual shopping basket it went.

So how did the little devil perform?  Not super well!  Although in defence of the Pud, I ought to note that I loaded up my tub with bubbles before dropping in the bath bomb, and I suspect they kept it from doing its thang to its full potential.

Because my Luxury Lush Pud was a bit of a dud.  I’ve heard of “deactivated” bath bombs before – anything that relies on a baking soda-based reaction has the potential to go bad, particularly if the product is stored in a humid place like, say, a bathroom (mine was not.) It’s not a total deal breaker, but when you’re paying $6.95 for a single use product that falls squarely into the “This is a special treat” category, you really want it to perform as advertised.

My lavender scented bath bomb just sort of sank to the bottom of the tub, and then after 30 or so seconds, a thin ribbon of cotton candy pink began to wind its way through the bubble layer.  After another 30 seconds, the little coloured discs on the Pud broke off and drifted into the creamy, bubbly pink, leaving pastel-coloured rainbows in their wake.  So pretty!  Total unicorn bath.  But again, not quite as advertised.  At its very best, I had a one-foot by two-foot patch of creamy pastel rainbows directly in the middle of my tub – quite different from the videos I saw of bath bombs zipping merrily about a gigantic Jacuzzi tub.


I realize I’m harping on a lot here about looks.  That’s because a bath bomb is a bath bomb is a bath bomb – baking soda held together with essential oils.  Which is something you can DIY perfectly well on your own at home, without the $6.95 price tag.  So in this case it really does come down to appearances.  And while the Lush Pud is darn adorable in solid form, its reality ultimately didn’t quite live up to its promise.

24 thoughts on “Unicorn Bath: A Mini Lush Review

    • Lots of people don’t have a bath – I really wouldn’t miss it if I didn’t have one. These kind of things are cute every now and then, but I seriously don’t know how some people fund their bath time goodies. I saw a video of a woman tossing three into her tub at the same time.

  1. I did not really know this was a thing, tons of demo videos of bath bombs fizzing. It does seem like the bubbles had some to do with it, most videos were showing clear water in the tub, and it varied how much it spun and moved around (seemed to have to do with the different colored spots around it, making it flip and move). I did find one where they already had bubbles, and similar to yours, they had a concentrated area of the color and not as much of a fizzing show.

    I also saw one for “big blue” lush bath bomb, which spits out a bunch of seaweed…. 😶

  2. I’ve always wanted to try a Lush bath bomb, but I HATE BATHS. 😀 What’s a girl to do? I’m sorry yours seemed deactivated – I never thought about it but since it’s baking soda activated, it makes sense that they can go off.

    • I was just commenting to somebody else, but the big deal with Lush – it’s right there on their labels and other branding – is that it’s freshly made. And perishable. This stuff can, and will, go bad. I so don’t get the people that have tons and tons of it. I have three stinking bath bombs and one of them was a dud within a month of purchase. Still, a fun little treat for bath time – I wouldn’t give up on them altogether.

      • I can see how they’d be fun to collect, especially if there are LEs and stuff! Too bad they don’t keep well. I’m already annoyed that lipsticks nowadays seem to go bad faster than they used to, and last only a couple of years rather than….ten. LOL.

      • Too true – that’s how I wound up with another bubble bar (I have three now, and I don’t take baths all that often, so…?) because it was limited edition.

        I also don’t wear lipstick very often and haven’t bought any in forever – I guess formulations are changing, and not for the better. 😦

  3. I’m also team shower but I have to say when I see photos like this they looks SO pretty and make me want to take more baths! Great post! I recently reviewed one of the lush facemasks, you can check it out here! ☺️ http://bit.ly/1PeSMEC X

  4. I am so surprised to see people say they hate baths. I don’t take baths a whole lot (mostly because the switch on the jacuzzi needs fixing), but putting in a decent deep tub was worth it. Sometimes I am just in the mood for pampering. It can be a toss up though, since it will speed up ruining mani/pedi unless you keep hands/feet out of tub (all at same time is hard lol)…bummer

    • I mean, at its core, taking a bath amounts to floating around in your own filth. I get why people don’t take baths (when they have the option to do so) – if you think about it too hard, it’s really quite gross. I seriously do it just to try out fun new products. Any cleaning gets done via shower!

      • LOL that is true..Chandler on Friensds felt the same way, but also ended up loving a good bath…that was the first time I remember hearing that observation about baths, onthat episode …classic!!

      • That’s right! I wasn’t a huge Friends fan – I had forgotten about that one. And then doesn’t he want to spend, like, all his time in the bath because it’s nice and relaxing and there’s all these fun products to smear yourself with?

  5. I love Lush’ Intergalactic bathbomb 👌 Have you tried it? I also had Lush haul recently but they didn’t have that in stock 😔. On a brighter note you might want to check the haul post out 😊

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