Spike Strip

Better Stud Strip Fingers

It occurred to me the other day that one of my favourite nail art designs, a chicken scratch sort of knit pattern, also looks a great deal like tire tracks.  So as these things go, twas but a hop, skip and a jump later before I was elbow-deep in lacquered tire treads, here Lilypad Lacquer’s holographic Rainbows in Space over Essence’s Color & Go in Chic Reloaded, a shimmery green-to-grey-to-purple multichrome that (quite appropriately for this manicure) reminds me of an oil slick.

Then because I can’t ever leave well enough alone, and also because my monochromatic tire track design was looking a bit bare, I laid down two silver spiked nail charms right at the edges of my cuticles on my middle two fingers.  Et voila, a spike strip!  Nail art punnage at its finest, folks.  But all the same, just know I’ve got my eye on you, crash queens and moto babies, and drive safe.

13 thoughts on “Spike Strip

  1. LOL spike strip, it’s great! Also awesome polish combo. I have that Essence one somewhere…love how Ulta is like hey you can get Essence here, and the new Ulta by my house has had a pretty much empty Essence np display pretty much since it opened. I have maybe 3 total. 😦

    This is also very punk rock, rawr!

    What is not so punk rock…think I need to hit the hay early. I actually went to office today for first time in a month; I am pooped.

    • It’s great, isn’t it? I always forgot that Essence is a bit hard to procure in the States – here in Canada, it’s a drugstore brand. We don’t get the cool limited edition stuff, though, but lots and lots of new polishes are added to the regular line every few months.

      By the way, it might interest you in particular to know that Harlow & Co. is selling this awesome looking purple Glam Polish combo on their site at noon (ESt) on Friday.

      • Wonder if I missed out! I got tied up all of Friday….Their site’s not working great on my phone and it’s at 2% battery anyway…will have to fire up ye old laptop. Thanks for mentioning!!!

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