Nanny’s Sofa

Nanny's Sofa

Before she passed away last fall, my grandmother owned a sofa in this exact pattern.  And she just friggin’ loathed that thing.  Kill it with fire, you could not.  It was simply indestructible, and being of that generation that would never think to part with a thing over something as “insignificant” as its looks, she kept it.  For nearly 20 years.  You know, now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t believe I ever saw her sit on that sofa.  She had her chair that she always sat in and a couple of other occasional chairs, but the couch was the big, slippery, dusty rose-printed elephant in the room.

I imagine that the sofa came into being in much the same way as these nails – totally by accident.  I was actually aiming for a soft, delicate floral design.  It wasn’t until I sat back and took a good look at my work that I realized I had created something that could most charitably be referred to as chesterfield-esque.  And in case I had any doubts, when I showed them to my husband and noted that they were not quite what I originally had in mind, he said, “What, you weren’t going for your grandmother’s couch?”  Sigh.


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