I’m Melting!

Melting Popsicles Collage

Well, my nails are.  Or more accurately, they’re wearing an entirely un-wintery combination of two of my favourite polishes, KB Shimmer’s navy blue Soul Deep and Candy Lacquer’s Melting Popsicles.  And while we might be a long ways off from either melt or popsicle season, this perfectly purple glitter topper (with hints of hot pink, neon orange, turquoise and lime green) is too pretty to hide away until the snow is gone. Besides, based on the absolutely bonkers storm that bore down on the east coast of the United States this weekend, that could be a very long time.  As the Canadian who’s usually on the flip side of the crap weather equation, I sympathize, American friends.  Stay warm, and may your nails stay pretty.

Melting Popsicles Fingers

13 thoughts on “I’m Melting!

    • Well, you’ve got to find ways to enjoy the darn stuff and not just sit there hiding from it, right? 🙂 At least that’s what I’ve learned (and it snows where I live for about three months out of the year, so I KNOW, man, I know.)

  1. Oops I missed this one….man we got lucky and the snow missed us. They got several inches just 50 or so miles away to the south, but nothing like the record setting stuff. We need to keep thinking warm, neon-glittered thoughts!

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