Trevor Takes a Bath

I Hate You Both Collage

Trevor the Pudgicorn has returned for his second appearance on my nails, this time hoofing back in a nice, hot bubble bath with his namesake bath product, a Unicorn Horn bubble bar from Lush!  Trevor’s got mad horn envy, although I can’t fault the guy – seriously, how adorable is this handmade, mica-dusted cutie?

Uni Horn Solo

Released as part of Lush’s Valentine’s Day collection, this limited edition, lightly lavender-scented bubble bar retails for $7.95 Canadian (so with our dollar completely in the frozen-over toilet, that means it’ll practically be free for you American Lushies.) 😉

And how does one use this mythical creature?  Well, some people just take the entire Horn and toss it into their tub, pulling it out when they’ve reached their desired bubble level. I find that completely submerging a bubble bar tends to do pretty funky things to its consistency, however, and so I choose to do what lots of people do come bath time, and that’s lop off a small chunk and run it through a strainer held under the tap. This method also weeds out any of those extraneous chunky bits that Lush is so famous for sneaking into their products (although this year’s version of the Unicorn Horn is blessedly free from candy and sparkle-type embellishments.)

Trevor likes it!

Trevor in the Bath

8 thoughts on “Trevor Takes a Bath

  1. Hello again to Trevor!

    Interesting interesting….I am now picturing bath time like tea time (straining this product under the tap)! 😀

    But yeah I bet it would be messy to drop in the whole thing and then fish it out…may as well make yourself a few pieces/uses…

  2. I’m just about to order a bubble bar from an indie brand here in the UK, I told my daughter about them and she thinks it should be fun so we’re going for it, thanks for the tips on how to use it, we were at a loss!!

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