I Defy You, Winter!

Beach Blanket Collage

This is about the time every year when I start to feel a bit pooched with the whole winter thing, a feat in itself this year given that winter didn’t even really begin in earnest until the first week of January.  Everything’s just so ugly and grey and tired.  Winter kinda sucks.

But you know what doesn’t suck?  This manicure!  Which is obviously a neon confetti-sprinkled reaction to all the cold, grumpy and overcast, and a welcome nail art distraction from all of the above.  Here I used another Candy Lacquer glitter polish, Beach Blanket, over Bonita’s Splendid Love, a pale, pink-tinged lilac.

Confetti Fingers

7 thoughts on “I Defy You, Winter!

  1. That’s right! Suck it, winter!

    Although this winter is better than the past couple, no polar vortex cold or having to get the snowblower out, knock on wood!!

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