The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys Fingers

Despite the fact that I have referenced it approximately 6,573 times over two years on this very blog, this is the first Lost Boys manicure to grace my fingertips.  I think that prior to this I had performance anxiety – what if my skills (nail art skills, you perverts) weren’t enough to honour my favourite movie of all time (a tie with Beetlejuice, actually, but my nostalgic point remains!)  But I’ve been feeling more confident about my nail art as of late, and so it felt like time to bust out some seriously small lettering and fussy shading. And I may have been watching it this afternoon, also for about the 6,573rd time.  Judge me not, judgers – I know you’ve got that movie (or movies, plural) that you watch over and over and over again because Corey Haim was the cutest thing ever and you wish you had Starr’s wardrobe and a dirty biker boyfriend with a scary supernatural affliction.  No, just me? 😉

The Lost Boys DVD

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