Night Blooming Jasmine

Night Blooming Jasmine

All will become clear in a few day’s time when I’ve completed the entire post, but these pretty floral nails featuring the delicate white blossoms of a night blooming jasmine were inspired by this bottle of jasmine-scented cologne I was sent from Demeter to tinker around with and report back on.  Tinker and report, I shall, but for now I just wanted to create some simple nail art showcasing these pretty little night owl flowers.

jasmine bottle

As a related aside, did you know that jasmine is a relative of nightshade?  It’s a whole plant family with dark reputations!  Kind of like the Malfoys and some of the female members of the Black family from Harry Potter if they photosynthesized.

9 thoughts on “Night Blooming Jasmine

  1. Heh! Jasmine sounds so nice (makes me think of flying carpets and I never even saw that movie). And usually night shade is preceded by “deadly”. Lol

    I like the whole mani but really love the night sky effect, very cool!

      • It is a plant that is that and more! Bush, vine, etc…very interesting indeed. I like the smell of jasmine, but in the real plant and not the fake scented perfumes. Be well Sandra! 🙂

      • Oh, the real plants or flowers or what have you are ALWAYS so much better than the perfume versions. Real roses? The best smell on earth. Like candy! But I can’t stand rose scents – so bizarre. Happy weekend to you, friend!

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