Lovely Lavender

Lavender Fingers

It is an absolutely bee-youtiful day in the neighbourhood, complete with sunny skies, melting snow, birds a-tweeting and, to my never-ending delight, a neighbour out walking her two fat cats on the path that runs alongside my building.  And I don’t know about you, but I think beautiful days call for beautiful nails, especially ones that evoke all things warm and springy.

Here we have another manicure inspired by a Demeter perfume, this time the sweet and simple fragrance of herbal lavender.  I think perhaps the background polish I chose for these nails, A England’s Wuthering Heights, is a tad too dark to really let the delicate little lavender blossoms shine – these nails ultimately remind me of a pair of flannel pyjamas I used to own!  Still fitting, though, given the whole lavender-sleep connection.

Lavender Bottle

12 thoughts on “Lovely Lavender

  1. Of course this is a winner for me, shades of purple and the lavender connection….I especially like the serial in the index finger!

      • I knew what you meant! But auto correct is the bane of my mobile existence. I love it so much when it corrects every single one of my swears to “ducking.” My husband keeps getting these messages that are all “And then the ducking ducker turned right in front of me, so I slammed on the ducking brakes and…” Changing Christmas to Crustmas this past year was also kind of awesome.

  2. I so enjoy your imagination! I love how you can have a thought and bring it to life on your nails, turning it into mini works of art! Lavender is a favorite of mine. I am never far from the essential oil that heals the mind and body so well. Well done Sandra!

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