Uni-Dragon Fingers

If such a mythical, hybrid creature actually existed (and I bet if I went looking, I could find some VERY disturbing otherkin fanfic, so maybe I just won’t) I have no doubt its…scales…or perhaps hair (?) would look just like this manicure, an awesome combination of Emily de Molly’s green glitter, Black Forest, and Ozotic’s unimaginatively-named chromatic glitter topper, 528.

Uni-Dragon Fingers Side

13 thoughts on “UniDragon!

    • Thank you very much! And thank you for the tip, although I know enough not to go dabbling around some of the weirder fanfic worlds (oh my lord, something about “knotting” and all the guys from Sherlock and Supernatural getting it on?) I found that out the hard way after I fell down a hole of Beetlejuice trivia one day, which promptly dumped me out in a VERY disturbing ‘shipper world where Beetlejuice and Lydia are, um, romantically involved. CAN’T UNSEE THE UNSEEABLE THINGS!!!

      • Hahaha, this Beetlejuice made me laugh, HARD 😀

        Oh girl. A fanfic I stumbled upon by honest accident forced me to close my eyes whenever I saw Castiel, for DAYS. Freaked me out.

      • Sorry to call such memories to the fore again. Of course, now I’m sitting here thinking about some artwork I saw depicting Sherlock and Watson in some very un-Sherlock and Watson circumstances that shocked me to my CORE, dude. I mean, I’d be legitimately stoked to see those two just start making out (when I used to watch the Vampire Diaries, I was forever shouting at Damon and Stefan to get it on, and they’re brothers for god’s sake) but some of this stuff is just NEXT LEVEL, and not in a pleasant way, you know?

      • EXACTLY.

        I actually kept yelling at Bill and Eric too, to get together already, because chests and fangs and DO IT ALREADY, but this stuff freaks my insensitive sensitivities OUT.

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