Gingerbread Fingers

With extra gumdrops.  Lots and lots of extra gumdrops.

This is also the final Demeter fragrance-inspired post.  Tomorrow, an explanation for all the perfume patter.

Gingerbread Bottle

2 thoughts on “Gingerbread

  1. The base color is perfect for this gingerbread cookie nail art (I admit I don’t think I’d ever own/wear that color). I also admire the glitter placement; I guarantee that is one nail art technique I will never ever have the patience for…

    • I always end up loving the colours I think I’m not going to like, like this one, which is totally the colour of maple syrup (actually, it’s a Whimsie called Caramellow – I think it’s supposed to look like those chewy little square candies you get on Halloween.) It’s so weird, but I’ve already worn the crap out of it.

      Glitter placement’s just an exercise in being patient. I don’t know how people do entire manis’ of glitter placement, but to each their own.

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