A Minnie-Style Valentine

Minnie Style Fingers

Continuing with this week’s unofficial theme of Valentine’s Day, here’s a jammy-looking mani featuring an OPI oldie, pink-red-and-white glitter topper Minnie Style.  This polish was released in 2013, and for a three-year-old glitter polish, it’s still doing pretty well for itself – no glitter curling, and the base hasn’t dried out or thickened up.  The one ding against this oldie but goodie is that over time the hue has leached out of the pink glitter, staining the once-clear base a rather vibrant rose.  Absolutely not a problem if you’re layering Minnie Style over a pink or red or some other dark hue, but be mindful that it will add a pink tinge to whites, pastels and other pale shades.

Minnie Style Bottle


5 thoughts on “A Minnie-Style Valentine

  1. Did you layer it over something(s)? I feel like I am seeing a bit of a gradient, but maybe my eyes deceive me.

    So the days leading up to Valentines Day are my excuse to bust out the limited amounts of pinks/reds I do have…I could not decide on anything…so despite the snow and cold that’s descended this week, I hit the drugstore and chose Sinful Colors Cherry Blossom. Ahhh, just scratchin’ that polish monkey on my back! lol..

    • I did, and you did – that’s a pink gradient over red. Sort of subtle, although the whole thing kind of reminds me of jam. Then again, what doesn’t?

      I haven’t bought nail polish in months. There just hasn’t been anything out there that has caught my eye. Or maybe – gasp – my collection is complete?

      • LOL everything = jam!

        Well you know, everybody’s got that number that equals a complete collection (and for some people that number is infinity). I bought way too much around holidays, took a break, then bought a few here and there recently. I had to have OPI “Show Us Your Tips” from New Orleans Spring 2016 collection (despite being mildly annoyed with the name). It arrived today in the mail, and was my reward for another heinous work day.


  2. Yes definitely nail polish just about always erases heinous work days! Since they are all bad, I’ve adjusted to a new level of giving no fucks, pardon my french, so that kind of helps me with enjoying the warm embrace of nail polish in my off time….probably somewhat high off the chemicals 😀

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