Love Letter

Love Letter fingers

This mani is a love letter to you, dear friends, followers, readers and occasional dropper by-ers. I care about you so much, I went out on my balcony in what with windchill amounts to -40 degree temperatures – that’s minus! negative! really effin’ cold! – to take some well-lit photos of my most recent creation.  And I don’t just chance frostbite for anyone, you know.  Must be true love. 😉

6 thoughts on “Love Letter

  1. I’m touched and honored that you would venture out in chilly temps for good lighting!

    You must’ve been quick, your fingers are normal color. I ended up outside for awhile and even with (admittedly cheap ass gloves), my fingers were all red…

    I managed to keep all my fingers tho, so I did my Valentines mani using the Sinful Colors Cherry Blossom that I had mentioned picking up this week, as well as Sinful ‘s Valentines 2016 glitter that has blue hearts in it. I fished 4 hearts out, yes I did!

    • Super duper quick – like a frost-covered bunny. It’s been -30 for three days running now, and I haven’t felt my fingers for days.

      I love those big glitter polishes, but sometimes they’re just impossible to get the glitter out of them. I made a polish one time with big pink hearts in it, and I had to fish like crazy to get them out. Sounds very pretty, though. 🙂

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