Just the Two of Us

Peaceful Valentines

Yes, I do wish you a most lovely and peaceful Valentine’s Day, friends, but there’s a far less warm and fuzzy reason for the two-finger V-Day salute – chiefly that the three-year-old nail strips I had intended to use in this manicure, Incoco’s Love is in the Air, were completely dried out and I was lucky to get the two fingers’ worth of mani that I did.  So what’s the lesson we’ve learned this Valentine’s Day, class?  That most beauty products have some wiggle room in terms of their best-by dates, just not years of wiggle.  Use it when you got it, folks – hoarding (or simply forgetting a thing exists) never pays!

4 thoughts on “Just the Two of Us

  1. This is good to know, I probably have some nail strips somewhere that are past their prime…nothing this cute tho! All sparkly and some purple hearts in there. Points for a V on Valentines Day in your pic…

    Do you two celebrate V Day? (We do not)

    Pretty ring by the way!

    • Yeah, I was just commenting to somebody else that they actually disintegrated. They also stuck to the sides of the paper they’re on, so they just ripped up the middle when I tried to pull them off the backing.

      I guess we maybe sort of celebrate V-Day? I took him out for pancakes yesterday morning and he took me out for fried chicken last night, so in terms of calories, we had it covered!

      And thank you – I adore my ring. Never seen anything else like it. 🙂

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