Neon Snow

Neon Snow

These nails are a direct reaction to today’s weather, which apparently has called for apocalyptic snow.  Forty-two centimeters of the stuff, actually, setting a one-day record for snowfall in my city.  This would be relatively un-noteworthy (in Ontario, we get multiples of these kind of storms every winter) were it not for the fact that I’m caring for a friend’s home while they’re away on holiday, and that includes their driveway. Also not particularly noteworthy, but for the fact that I live in an apartment condominium, and I am hopelessly rusty at the “art” of slinging snow.  As in I haven’t done it in about a decade.  And now I’m about to shovel roughly 8,657 pounds of the stuff, to say nothing about the crusty build-up the city plows leave behind at the end of the driveway, and that’s all assuming I can even get near their house in the first place…okay, better take a pause here.  Think I’m working myself up into a snow shoveling-induced panic attack.

Nails!  Back to the pretty, pretty neon nails.  I actually had to take these photos inside, because outside on Hoth, it’s a marshmallow world that is unkind to photography – my flashy neon pink was reading a rather sickly orange, and that just won’t do.  Dump all the snow on me you want, world, but leave my neon pink manicure ALONE!!!

P.S. I took this photo eight hours ago when things were still somewhat manageable.  I just sent my friend an e-mail that simply read, “I hate this f*cking place.”

Snow Pic

16 thoughts on “Neon Snow

    • Yeah, you were also buried in snow? I waited out the day and then went over to my friend’s this morning to tackle the driveway…I practically cried when I pulled up to the house! I had to wade through snow that was over my knees to get to the front door. I got a third of the double driveway done before I thought I was going to have to pass out! Hope your snow situation is better!

  1. I used an app to find out 42 vm is like 16 or 17 inches. I am so, so sorry. I am basically picturing The Shining at this point. Don’t worry, someone will find you at spring thaw (is that like May?)…stay near the entrance to the hedge maze.

    • Ha! I love it. I absolutely will. No staying in creepy old hotels either.

      So I had to, like, swim (?) up to the front door of my friend’s house. The snow was right up over my knees. We actually ended up getting a record-breaking 50 cm, so about two feet of snow. It looks and feels like much, much more!

      • I am just so sorry. Our last two winters were brutal, so I am relieved this one has been easier. But I feel guilty hearing about these crazy epic blizzards everyone else is getting.

      • The crazy thing is it was unseasonably mild and snow-free right up until two days after Christmas. I think we all got really cocky, running around in mid-December in sweaters and sneakers instead of boots and heavy coats. Then it started coming down and hasn’t stopped, and I think it’s been harder on us because we were so spoiled by the first half of the winter. Stupid weather!

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