Snow, Snow Everywhere

Snow Fingers 2

And not a plow to be found.  Actually, that’s not true.  I think my city handled its recent record-breaking dump of 50 centimeters of snow quite well.  Who’s not handling the snow so well is me, simply because, as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m caring for a friend’s home while they’re on vacation, and that includes their double-wide monstrosity of a driveway.  I’ve been by three times over the past 24 hours for hour-long shoveling binges – any longer and I lose all feeling in my forearms.  There’s still at least half the driveway to be shoveled out before this weekend, when it will warm up just enough to begin freezing rain.  This winter sucks.

But if you’re stuck shoveling your way out of thigh-deep snow (seriously, at one point as I was swimming my way up to my friend’s front door, I thought about how uncomfortably close the snow was coming to MY northern climes, if you catch my drift) you should absolutely have a fly, seasonally appropriate manicure like this one, featuring KB Shimmer’s Snow Much Fun.  I love these kind of polishes because they get the thematic job done without the need to break out a bunch of intensive nail art supplies.  Not that I could have done that in the first place – everything below my elbows ACHES, and I don’t think I could hold a detail brush steady enough to eek out any kind of design.  I reiterate: This winter sucks!


11 thoughts on “Snow, Snow Everywhere

  1. Beautiful polish/mani! I am surprised you could stand to look at more “snow” at this point!

    These friends with house/driveway and no snowblower? I thought they issued them to you at birth up there…or they should! But obviously you are an excellent friend. I hope they feel really really bad, especially if the are vacationing somewhere warm (doesn’t even have to be tropical).

    • Eh, snow is snow is snow. I tried to look at it like a workout – a one-hour, total body, “Am I going to stroke-out?” workout. Friends are home at the beginning of next week – I will DEFINITELY be reminding them of my awesomeness, although it wasn’t quite their fault their holiday coincided with the apocalyptic snowstorm to end all snowstorms. And they WERE somewhere warm and sunny. I’d settle for just not snow-covered.

      • Yeah gotta be careful with that wet heavy snow, so it stays a workout and not a coronary. The snow we had a week ago was wet and heavy, just thankfully not a lot. And then it warms up Friday and was all gone….Saturday was in the 60s. It will cool down again, but hopefully we’ll get a nice early spring. Glad to see in another comment below it warmed up for you too.

      • Oh, believe me, I know all about that fine line between workout and medical event. That’s why I tackled it in chunks, and when I started feeling pooched, I stopped. I ain’t dyin’ for a clean driveway! But thank you for your concern – you’re sweet to worry about my adventures in shoveling!

        And not to bum you (and me) out too much, but it’s supposed to snow for the next two days, about 20 cm, and then some freezing rain. Like, WTF?

  2. Your nail art always inspires me! Poor you out there in the freezing cold. Shoveling snow is one of my least favorite things to do. I always slip and get hurt no matter how careful I am. Luckily we don’t get a ton of snow enough to last maybe a week, then it’s gone. So for me, I love the snow. I’ve always said I don’t want to live anywhere I have to shovel my way out. So the little shoveling I do do, really isn’t because I “have to”. So is this where I don’t tell you I am sitting on my deck with blue skies and sunshine? 🙂 Okay, that was mean….How about I say….”Wish you were here”? It will warm up soon enough. Until then, your nails, as always….are beautiful. Cheers, Koko 🙂

    • Oh, that WAS mean! But I’d say it, too, if I were somewhere that wasn’t covered in the white stuff. Although even then, it’s warmed up quite a bit, and a lot of it has melted. Kind of funny considering how it felt almost apocalyptic the other day when it was pelting down! I like your “some snow” approach – a little bit is very nice, but the blizzards I can do without!

      • I know what you mean…last year the snow came down and hale and hard rain and more snow…I thought for sure this was the end! It was crazy. We actually couldn’t leave the neighborhood for a week! No cars could make it out of the neighborhood…we had friends come pick us up at then end of the neighborhood (after almost a mile walk) so we could go to the store and buy a few groceries. It was crazy! On the good side we ice skated on our lawn! And in the streets. That was awesome. Fireplace and lots of snuggles wasn’t bad either… 🙂 So I feel for ya!

      • Ugh, trying to live under those kind of conditions is just the worst. But then again, like you said, if you can just ride it out and try to find some fun in it, it makes for a great experience and memory. Good on you for finding the bright side in being shut in like you’re an extra in the Shining.

        Back in university I held a State of Emergency party during an ice storm that wiped out power to nearly all of my city for anywhere from three days to a week. No lights meant pretty candles, no heat (except the gas fireplace) meant snuggling, no music meant the guitars came out – it was a pretty great party, actually, even though it was apocalyptically horrible and dangerous outside. On the plus side, we just fired all the booze outside into the snow and ice and it was fine. Priorities.

      • Haha! Sounds like you had a blast. What a great way to ride out the storm. It is scary to be without power. If living off the grid was something we all did, we’d be prepared. Solar and things like that. Even though I’m in the city, I do think solar is a good idea. I know someone who does that and sells back the excess to the electric company! 🙂

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