Waking the Dead

Flakie Bottle

Like most everything in life, the nail polish world sees its fair share of trends. Textured polishes were all the rage four or so years ago, followed by magnetic polishes and then thermals.  A novelty by their very niche nature, most of these polishes enjoyed an initial honeymoon period in which they could do no wrong, followed by a downfall owing to total market saturation, plus the fact that all of them have rather limited functionality.  But some of these polishes managed to extend their 15 minutes of fame, including last year’s trendy pick, the mighty, mighty flakie.  I adore my handful of flakie polishes, particularly the chromatic type. I love the way the slightly raggedy bits of colour-shifting flakes nestle smoothly into the base polish, while still looking a little bit “undone.”  And unlike their iridescent counterparts, which I’m not so fond of, chromatic flakies remove with the ease of a creme polish, a very nice touch indeed.

2016 has yet to reveal its big trend, so until then, I’m jumping back a year to a polish that I’m so glad was more than just a flash in the pan, Polish Me Silly’s Stop Flaking on Me, here over Girly Bits’ zombie green creme, Dead Man’s Toe.  One of the things I really love about chromatic flakies, and Stop Flaking on Me in particular, is the softness of the finish. These polishes always highlight and compliment the base they’ve been layered over, perking up even somber ones like this camo green one, without obscuring the original look of either polish.  Very cool.

Flakie Fingers

5 thoughts on “Waking the Dead

  1. Weird coincidence…. This Girly Bits polish is sitting in a bin with others it came with, I just picked it up and looked at it a bit ago, and as always I thought “nope!” I think the name is a little too apt and makes me like the color even less than I might normally.

    But I gotta give you credit for a great combo that improves that base color. I never ended up with any flakie toppers last year; they were all coming out at the same time and it seemed like each maker had a really big collection with lots of similar colors. I just froze and didn’t end up choosing any. Maybe I’ll pick some up second hand and I can recreate this sometime.

    It’s another reason I like this blog, you use unusual base colors and kind of even make me like them, in the context of the nail art.

    • Nomenclature actually makes a difference – sometimes I don’t think vendors think through these names enough. I mean, just because I’m cool with wearing a colour that invokes cadavers doesn’t mean everybody is. Having said all that, it’s SUCH a unique colour, that hidden purple shimmer is to die for (heh) and I get just a ton of compliments on it.

      And speaking of, thank you very much – that’s a lovely compliment you’ve paid me. I was actually thinking about doing an “ugly-hot” post – those polishes that on first (and second and third…) glance are just plain old unattractive colours, but somehow you’ve managed to make them work?

      • Totally agree, I guess it’s another sign I’m getting old…being a little put off by some polish names…

        I think a “pretty-ugly” post would be great! There was one you used for the gingerbread cookie people I think….I think I mentioned at the time I wouldn’t probably buy/wear. I only ended up with this Girly Bits as part of a grab bag. This post proves it is wearable.

  2. Love this combo! I never know what to use as the base for flakies.. I normally just cop out and use black cremes. I’ll have to experiment. What’s your personal favourite flakey topper?

    • Thank you, I like it, too! I find that if I stick to the mid-to-dark range of a colour, anything can be a great base. Flakies even look great over nudes and pastels, although that’s obviously a much more delicate look than blacks and other dark polishes. I also like to use a base polish that shares a little something in “colour common” with the flakies – here it’s the green and purple flakes.

      My favourite? Probably this one, from Polish Me Silly. I have a little mini bottle, but I’d buy another larger one for sure. Stop Flaking On Me for the win!

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