Say My Name Three Times

Say My Name

Or “Say my name, say my name (say my name)” in the musical parlance of Destiny’s Child.  Because you just know they’re playing a horrible Muzak version of a Beyonce song in the Waiting Room of the Dead.  On repeat.  It’s actually just a playlist of one.

In case none of that made sense, here is a Beetlejuice-inspired manicure.  He wears a lot of black and white stripes and has green hair.  Anything that’s not striped is purple. And in order to get him to appear (and disappear) you have to say his name three times.  Why? Not a clue.  But I went with the lame Beyonce joke, because how could I not?

6 thoughts on “Say My Name Three Times

      • Oh right, I forgot about the name change, had to look it up, now it’s Dreamland Lacquer. I always feel bad when these brands have to name change. One of first indie polish orders included Lush Lacquer Bubble Yummy. They became Polish Me Silly, I think?

        Ahhhh that BLURPLE is Glam Polish…. 😀

        It’s great!! So….BLURPLE-y…..


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