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Hot on the heels of my Wax On, Wax Off post of the other day, I decided to do a full-on Rosegirls manicure, a sure sign that something has worked its way into my heart – nothing says love like immortalizing it on your nails.  Rosegirls has a very cute little logo, and those colourful little wax chunks were just calling out for the nail art treatment.  I could not say no. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Rosegirls

  1. Looks just like those wax melts! Why do they have birds in their logo, I wonder…wax + birds means non flying birds, I would think.

    Don’t mind me, another hellish week, and I am going into the office tmw on a Saturday! At least there won’t be anyone there to bug me…hopefully I can knock out this task quickly, and then go shopping. I have to be on the office network to get it done, it isn’t working via the remote network. It will never get done on a normal business day, too many interruptions.

    Hope you are warming up, up there and melting that snow. Will be 60 here Sunday.

    • Oh gosh, I’m sorry to hear you had to work over the weekend. I used to have a pretty unconventional work arrangement that saw me working (at home, but still) every weekend, late into the night, and just about every evening, too. It’s really no way to live – I hope you were able to enjoy the remainder of your weekend in peace. 😦

      • Ah, it was okay! Nice to know you know where I’m coming from, sorry at the same time, but glad it sounds like it is in the past for you now. Things are changing a lot so we’ll see what happens…

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