Don’t Put Me On the Shelf

Shelf Nails

Well, this is a new level of random for me, a manicure inspired by the decorative rice bowls that sit on the top shelf of the left-side bookcase that flanks my television.  So specific! But accurate, as this manicure IS inspired by those rice bowls, which I purchased years ago from ModCloth, and the top shelf of the left-side bookcase is indeed where they usually reside, along with a number of other family memory-type knick knacks.

Livingroom Shelves

Here’s a better look at our entertainment/decorative set-up, virtually all of it hidden because wires and DVD cases make me ragey, but family photos and pictures of our dearly departed kitty, Porky, do not.  So in hindsight, between the nails and the sweet mementos, this is one shelf I would definitely not mind being put up(on.)


2 thoughts on “Don’t Put Me On the Shelf

  1. This is fun to see part of your home and it working as your inspiration. I think you really captured the patterns, and yet on its own I get Easter egg decoration vibe, so it works in multiple ways.

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