Eye Test

Eye Test Hand

I was going for a tiled sort of look here, like the intricately beaded lid on a trinket box or a small tabletop embedded with glass baubles.  Instead I got the orange-green colour blindness test, with some red, purple and blue along for the ride as well!

These nails were not difficult, and although they didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped, I like them all the same.  But this manicure took an absolute eternity – so much picky dotted brushwork! – so I’m leaving it on for as long as I possibly can.  Time is money. 😉

Eye Test Fingers


9 thoughts on “Eye Test

  1. Gorgeous. If I could find polish that dried hard and fast, I’d do mine more often. I don’t have time to wait. The eye test look is stunning. I can’t look away! 🙂

    • That is kind of a drag – when you just want to wear a nice polish, but it doesn’t want to play nicely. I put mine on and take it off so often, things like dry time and longevity get sort of lost, unfortunately. 😦

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