A Speckled Egg of a Different Sort

Speckled Egg Shiny

Yeah, you don’t see them in electric cobalt blue all that often, do you?  I certainly can’t deny that the overall look of this manicure – Ardene’s black-and-blue glitter topper, Following, over Nails Inc.’s blue creme, Baker Street – is Easter Egg ramped all the way up to 11, first with a glossy topcoat, and then dialed back a bit with the addition of a matte topcoat, Zoya’s Matte Velvet, to highlight all that nearly-hidden blue glitter (matte topcoats, as always, also destroy your manicure; I’ve yet to encounter one, no matter the brand, formulation, age, etc., that doesn’t deposit white fleckies all over your hard work. It’s a cool look, but regrettably also a destructive one.)

Speckled Egg Matte Ruined

9 thoughts on “A Speckled Egg of a Different Sort

  1. Ahh sweet,I picked up Baker Street at Ulta and haven’t worn it yet…but I will!!

    And you know I guess the last time I used that Zoya Matte Velvet, I used too much? It was probably still drying and I accidentally ended up nicking it, then realizing it wasn’t dry, and just kind of shucked it right off. I’d only tried it on a couple nails, the pinkies. I guess I need to use more restraint and not glob it on there. I struggle with never wanting to mattify, tho I see plenty of cool matte manis.

    The glassfleck polish I put on last night (Top Shelf Lacquer Purple Flip Flop) dried matte, and I was like, I could leave it like that…nah lets do two coats of glossy top coat! LOL

    It is an amazing polish in person, pictures are gr at but even better in real life!

    • Man, I’m not too impressed with matte topcoats. I have the Zoya one, which is fairly new and unused, and I also used to use Essie’s Matte About You. Both have behaved in the same way – they get all thick and leave white flecks all over my nails. Plus, for some very odd reason, the topcoat on my ring and pinkie fingers did not dry, at all, and it never dried down to that full matte finish either. I know this because when I went into the kitchen to get a drink afterwards, I bumped my fingers against the counter and my polish came STRAIGHT OFF.

      I love polishes that already have the matte effect in them, like the Top Shelf one you described – they seem to work out better than matteing them up after the fact.

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