Custard Waffle Cone, with Sprinkles

Custard Cone Fingers

The weather around my part of the world has taken a delightful turn for the spring-like, and with it has come some pretty hardcore longing for warmer times and climes.  I’m normally a cool weather kind of person, but I have found this winter just brutally long and unpleasant.  I suppose I say that every year – to gripe a-boot the weather is to be Canadian, eh?

So with visions of melting mounds of snow finally appearing right before my very eyes, I decided to honour the warmer weather with some ice cream cone nails.  I adore the polish I used here for the ice cream, Dollish Polish’s Get Your Sprinkle On!, a custardy yellow creme dotted with multi-coloured glitter.  It’s bafflingly difficult to find a soft yellow polish; most err on the side of vibrant Lego yellow or super pale, this-is-actually-off-white.  Get Your Sprinkle On! is a proper pastel yellow, a creamy-looking confection dotted with a smattering of colourful glitter.  Sweet!

Custard Cone Bottle

19 thoughts on “Custard Waffle Cone, with Sprinkles

    • Me, too! Like, a super rich French vanilla. That might actually be my favourite flavour of ice cream – just straight up vanilla. A deep, dark chocolate is also pretty great. Hmm, I think I might need to stop thinking about ice cream now!

  1. I need to stop reading your posts in front of my daughter lol she always wants her “paint nails” like yours!!! This is amazing and beyond cute!!

    • Well, that is just THE BEST comment I’ve ever received! I’m sorry for putting you in the position where she wants her little nails done, but I still think that’s pretty awesome! 🙂 Glad you (two) like them.

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