Look at the Polish, Lizzie

Lizzie Bottle

Who knows, maybe if Lizzie had been into nail art instead of murder, zombie playtime and just generally going insane, things might have worked out differently for her.  And am I really making a joke about one of the most devastating moments in The Walking Dead, one that ends with (SPOILER) the execution of a child?  Yes. Yes, I am.  Because I’m apparently just as cold and shut-down as Carol (blasphemy – Carol is an apocalyptic rage goddess, and I’d really like it if she and Daryl would just start making out already.)

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday evenings, and so I thought Monday morning would be a good time to pull out this fun lacquer, Dollish Polish’s Look at the Flowers, Lizzie.  Chase away the Monday morning, post-apocalyptic blues and all that good stuff.  I love this polish, because it works in spite of itself.  I mean, it’s little bits of flesh-hued glitter suspended in a snot green jelly base – attractive!  Except it is – very much so – with a nice, not-too-goopy formulation as well.  The perfect polish for the zombie slayer on the go!

Lizzie Fingers 2

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