Get Clover It!

Get Clover It

That’s the name of this polish, a favourite of mine from KB Shimmer, although it’s also an apt directive, because you really should get Get Clover It – it’s a gorgeous polish, and oh-so appropriate for any St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans you may have planned.

Speaking of, I’d like to take a moment to issue my annual two-part St. Patrick’s Day request – call it a Pre-Paddy PSA.  First, don’t drink and drive.  Call a cab, take the bus, pass out at the base of the McDonald’s drive-thru window in the midst of ordering a Shamrock Shake, whatever – just don’t get behind the wheel of a car, please.

And secondly, a tip most germane to this blog, particularly in the lead-up to St. Patrick’s Day – if you paint your nails green, for the love of all that’s holy, use a base coat first. Really, don’t even THINK about painting your nails green without laying down a coat or two of a base polish first.  Because had I taken a moment and thought about it, and painted on that clear coat of polish, protecting my nails from the pigmented onslaught of Colors by Llarowe’s grass green Gemini Rising back at the beginning of December 2015, I may not have had to live with noticeably piss green nails until just two days ago.  That’s right, the staining was so bad, I simply had to wait until my nails grew out, and that took four months.  So believe me when I harp on about base coat – I regrettably know of that which I speak!

Get Clover It Fingers

13 thoughts on “Get Clover It!

  1. This is a really pretty polish, reminds me of that bokeh photo effect…

    I am wondering if one coat of base would’ve prevented staining with that CbL Gemini…maybe it would’ve reduced it, but wonder if it would’ve taken two coats of base.

    Hey if it’s not green stains its smurf blue nail stains. I freaked with my first smurf nail staining thanks to OPI Tiffany Case.

    • I have been seriously side-eyeing that polish all week. I want to use it, but I’m afraid! Because you’re right, I’m not sure even two would get the job done, it was THAT pigmented.

      Blues are such a pain, too, if they err towards turquoise. That green/yellow combo is a bitch. OPI Tiffany Case…thanks for the tip on what to stay away from!

    • Ah, so you also know the sting of green polish stains. Although “stains” suggests a couple of spots. My nails were GREEN, all of them, everywhere. It was seriously like I just applied ink straight to my nails. Lessons learned!

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