A Pre-Paddy Mani

PrePaddy Bottle

More green for you today in anticipation of tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day, when presumably I’ll break out the clover-shaped big guns.  Just no leprechauns, because my Irish mother would flip her curly, brunette lid.  Also beware all references to bogs, shalaylees and colcannon (actually, colcannon, a mixture of buttery mashed potatoes and cabbage or kale, is dee-licious.  Studiously ignore my mother on this point; I do!)

For this minty mani, I layered Enchanted Polish’s pale green holo, March 2015, with two coats of Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s There’s No Place Like Home, a glimmering, green-and-gold glitter.  Perfectly Paddy. 😉

PrePaddy Fingers

4 thoughts on “A Pre-Paddy Mani

    • I think you must be seeing the purple tinge this one has to it, thanks to a bit of shimmer that’s quite hidden in this photo – good eye! I think the bright green also makes it read a bit more blue than it actually is.

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