Peep This Polish

Where My Peeps Bottle

The temperature took an unwelcome turn for the bitter today, and just as I was starting to warm up (wah wah) to this spring business.  I may have mentioned one or two or 50 times this month that I’m DONE with the cold weather, but as always, no one’s listening – certainly not that asshole Mother Nature, probably off being all bohemian and flighty, working on her flower crown for Coachella or something.

So I thought I’d usher in the warmer weather my way, with a favourite springy polish, KB Shimmer’s Where My Peeps At?  This polish, a beautiful mix of rainbow-hued circle glitter in a yellow crelly base, is spring plus-plus – very Eastery.  As such, I don’t wear it very often, but when I do, I always get a ton of compliments.  And for good reason!  It’s super adorable (like jellybeans nestled in chick fuzz) and so much fun.  I’ll definitely be wearing this one come Easter. 🙂

Where My Peeps Fingers

11 thoughts on “Peep This Polish

  1. Same here on the weather, I’d had the bedroom window open for a few days and had to close up the house today, too chilly. And might snow tmw. Wahwah indeed.

    I like this polish, I hardly own any yellows, but this is fun and might actually get me to wear yellow.

    • My birthday’s in the middle of April, and it ALWAYS snows either on or around the big day. So I KNOW there’s more coming. 😦 Stupid winter.

      This is a great one – one of my favourites, but so very season-specific. It just doesn’t look right any time of year but the spring.

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