Fabulously Flaky

Macro Mani

Getting way up close and personal with this flaked-out manicure that was little more than an excuse for me to muck about with a fun, colour-shifting polish and my neglected macro lenses.  And this flakie, Polish Me Silly’s multi-chromatic Party Hearty, is an excellent candidate for the job – it just looks so cool mega magnified, particularly the larger, slightly raggedy rainbow bits.  Love this fun, experimental look. 🙂

Fabulously Flaky Fingers 1


7 thoughts on “Fabulously Flaky

    • Well, you know I’d recommend that you do. I’ve found a few indie manufacturers that I absolutely love, and I don’t often stray outside those brands – KB Shimmer, Candy Lacquer and Enchanted come to mind. I’ve had virtually no problems with those brands. Then lots of little one-off guys. Finding a well supplied stocklist that you trust is also key – I love Harlow & Co. for Canadians (and everybody else, but especially for us!) They’ve got their act together.

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