March Matteness

March Matteness Fingers

Matte floral nails never fail to remind me of one of those ornate, “Do not touch!” teacups your grandmother has on the top shelf of her china cabinet.  Behind glass.  And beside a commemorative decorative bell she and your grandfather received as a present at their 50th wedding anniversary party.  At least that’s the ideal, right, to be so happy with your one and only, one day you’ll qualify for that decorative bell to place beside the “Company only!” teacup?  I like to think that’s the ideal, at least. 🙂

3 thoughts on “March Matteness

  1. Heheh “March Matteness” I see what you did there…

    Well I definitely get the visual of the teacup both from the nails and description…actually I would say if this was glossy, definite teacup. Surely the Matteness elevates it beyond teacup level… 😀

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