Too Much?

Ring Pops Bottle

Well, this is just a whole load of manicure!  But I do love the ultra vibrant combination of Candy Lacquer’s Ring Pops glitter topper over Ceramic Glaze’s shimmery turquoise Mermaid’s Tale.  I’m also so over THE RETURN OF WINTER (at half measure, true, but with the end thisclose and just in sight, today’s snow and freezing rain feels like a big setback) and this is my way of rebelling.  TAKE THAT, idiot winter!  Feel my well-manicured wrath and TREMBLE!!!  Or just continue pissing icy, sleet-y, dangerous-to-drive-in stuff all over my city this Easter weekend.  I guess that works, too.

Ring Pops Fingers

8 thoughts on “Too Much?

  1. Great combo, you can see the lighter blue glitter over the darker turquoise background

    I was checking out another blog post on the new KB Shimmer and when I saw Upside Round I thought of you…

    Did the comment box change? I just updated iPhone OS and seems like things inside Bloglovin are different even tho app hasn’t updated since beginning of month…

      • Oh man, I barely know what’s going on with that stuff. I just know that every couple of months WP will issue some sort of update that will screw everything up for a few days. Blogging, man. 😦

    • Ha, that’s funny, because that KB polish is REALLY me! But I’m actually going to abstain from Upside Round because I’m kind of worried about colour leaching. I’ve had a few polishes from different brands that used that kind of papery neon glitter, and the colour bleeds out of the pink/orange glitters, staining the clear base a neon pink-orange. No joke – every polish, different brands, all and they all did the exact same thing. So I think I’m going to hold back a bit and see.

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