Oh, Lolli, Lolli

Lollipop Fingers

Late last year, right around the Christmas holidays, I went through a period where I was just klutziness personified.  In the span of about three weeks, I accidentally dyed my nails bright green, nearly throttled myself with a shapewear cami and – my favourite – gouged a great big chunk out of the inside of my cheek whilst making the “Pop!” sound in the 1950s Chordettes’ song, Lollipop.  Holy crap, you guys, was it PAINFUL! And completely preventable, had I remembered that my nails are now as sharp as a cat’s and I WILL wound myself, because that’s just what I do.  You’d never, ever know that I took about 20 years of dance and can be somewhat graceful (just apparently not around green nail polish, shapewear or novelty songs from the 1950s.)

2 thoughts on “Oh, Lolli, Lolli

  1. Shape wear is dangerous!

    I didn’t think your nails would be long enough to be an issue doing that pop sound, but I guess any length at all would result in that…yikes!

    Perfect colors for the cute little lollipops…

    • So dangerous. I just put it back in my drawer, where I side-eye it. It wants to hurt me.

      And no, my nails are so not long enough to do that, but compared to what they used to be – chewed off nubs – these are DAGGERS. And I really went for it, too. Ugh, just the memory hurts.

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