If You’ve Got It, Use It

Sweet Sundae Fingers

Also known as “Use it or lose it.”  So last year, annoyed at the sheer amount of actual AND mental to-dos I had piling up (shelves of unread books, boards full of to-be-made recipes on Pinterest, drawers stuffed with beauty products I was either hoarding or – more likely – had just totally forgotten about, reams of nail polish I was saving for a special occasion) I decided it was time for less talk, more rock.  As in, stop talking about the things I wanted to do (or make or read or apply to my hands and face) and actually rock them.

And so I did.  And can I tell you guys, it has really been one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made. Stuff is actually getting done!  The mental clutter has been tidied!  Actual physical clutter has been tidied! And I’ve been enjoying all sorts of fun new experiences, simply by finally doing the things I’ve been putting off for so long, whether it’s trying out a new recipe, burning through – some might say enjoying – my wax collection, testing new beauty products, watching a new-to-me TV show or working on a fun crafting project.

But perhaps my favourite thing of all is that all this hopeful productivity is downright contagious. Doing stuff apparently begets other stuff, because I suddenly have quite the fire lit under my arse, one encouraging me to put to bed all of the little home renovations my husband and I have been putting off for far, far, far too long. It’s actually a really pleasant feeling.  I love going to bed knowing that I did something with my day, even if those somethings were tiny and seemingly inconsequential – to me, crossing those items off my mental to-do list make all the difference.

So in the spirit of my not-so new-found philosophy of “If you’ve got it, use it,” I thought I’d dig out these glittery Incoco nail strips in Sweet Sundae I bought some years ago.  Pale pink and speckled with rainbow-hued bar glitter, I was not only hoarding these strips for a special occasion, but I had also forgotten they even existed – a double whammy against the “Use it or lose it” approach.  I had a bit of difficulty with some other Incoco nail strips last month (they were nearly completely dried up) and I worried that I might be running into the same problem with Sweet Sundae, but there were no issues – they applied beautifully. My good luck.  Next time, hopefully still with my positive philosophy in mind, I’ll use them long before I’ve ever been given the chance to forget about them!

7 thoughts on “If You’ve Got It, Use It

  1. I love your attitude, it’s matching mine right now! Do you think it’s the year for it or rather there just comes a point where it gets too much? My brain was exploding, I’d get sad and frustrated that I didn’t seem to be moving my butt to do anything about my mental lists. But somethings changed and I’m trying to work my way through it all. Like you’re experiencing, going to bed thinking ‘I’ve done that now’ or ‘Thats finished’ is just great, almost relieving or something? And as you said it’s daft things, such as painting round a replaced lightswitch, or using some of my fimo clay that I bought (seriously) years ago.
    GO YOU – AND MAY YOU CARRY ON USING IT INSTEAD OF LOSING IT! (or just chose to lose it it as clear-outs can also be great for the soul)
    And see this whole ‘Im saving it for a special occasion’, I do that too but it never comes round (well for me anyway), so maybe we need to depreciate every occasion’s specialness so we can get round to using stuff.

    • I really can’t say where this came from – serious forward momentum and productivity often elude me. But, like you said, one day it just sort of clicked that I’d be having a better time if I just used the things I have. Also, if I use those things, I can buy other things, if I’d like, to take their place. Plus, it just makes me feel good to get things done/use something up. I’d rather feel like that than be drowning in my shit and unfinished everythings.

      And go you, too! Even if it’s just a light switch, it’s a light switch that’s unfairly occupied a space in your mind for far too long – feels great to get rid of it, right?

      I also have to say that in a related vein, I find some bloggers’ end-of-the-month empties posts to be deeply satisfying. I like seeing all those used up products. I think that might be weird!

  2. The nail wraps are cute, I guess they were not as old as the hearts ones that were almost unusable.

    The spring cleaning/drive to do stuff and use stuff up is very admirable. I am trying to do similar to work on clutter build up….it is slow going but slow and steady wins the race, as they say…it didn’t appear overnight so I know I can’t dispel it over a weekend…. 🤔

    • These ones held together much better than the others, that’s for sure. The other nail strips I used, though, were super glittery – when you turned them over to the sticky side, you could see it all showing through. Glitter dries out so much and sucks all the moisture out of things, so I’m not surprised the mega glittery ones did that. Super glad these ones DID NOT!

      And I aim to inspire others to de-clutter (whatever form that takes) because it’s really been such a great thing in my life. Just that sense of knowing that I’m working my way through my things, enjoying the stuff I’ve purchased and then not drowning (mentally, physically) in my shit is priceless.

      And no, it doesn’t go away overnight – far from it. I’ve been poking away at the second bedroom (AKA “The Place Where the Mess Goes to Die”) for weeks now re-organizing, cleaning, consolidating, throwing out. You’ll deal with it, too, no matter over how long a period it’s spread out!

      • Yeah, no choice! Lol….And we also have that room in our upstairs, plus the unfinished basement. So full of junk. Need to stop bringing in new junk, and like you said, working to enjoy what we do have!

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