Clear Up, Grey Skies

Make My Gray Bottle

Closing out the month (or starting it off, according to WordPress Standard Time) with a simple, no fuss swatch of a polish that looks a lot like today’s weather – grey, overcast and rainy, but with the occasional visible patch of blue sky – KB Shimmer’s Make My Gray.  As for the little pink bits?  I suppose they could be any spring flower foolish enough to have already showed itself around my not-yet-done-with-winter city.  In fact, weather reports are calling for freezing rain and snow this coming weekend, so who’s the fool now, huh (me, always me, for living in a city with a terrible, largely unpredictable climate.  Aside from the fact that it predictably sucks.)

Make My Gray Fingers


3 thoughts on “Clear Up, Grey Skies

  1. Interesting glitter color combo I’d never have thought of…still waiting on my tulips here, the leaves part are all above ground…but like we will have a super warm day like on Easter, then last night was very cold. Seems like that hinders nice spring flowering, at least for my front yard tree and plantings…bummer.

    • This one is kind of different – I really love it, although I don’t get a ton of use out of it. It feels very specific to, like, April.

      There’s supposed to be another big snowstorm tomorrow. Always happens at this time of year – I’ve learned not to get too excited about the first few flowers, because the poor guys are just going to croak with the schizoid weather. Bummer, indeed.

      • Yeah, so cold here today. Warms up time but then super cold this weekend and possible snow. Schizoid indeed!

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