The Huntress

The Huntress Bottle

So there’s something sort of odd going on with me lately (where to start, right?)  Odd in that I’ll think of something for the first time in years, do a bit of research to re-familiarize myself with the subject and then discover that there’s actually some pretty recent news regarding that something.  The other day it was Bunnicula, a favourite book of mine when I was a kid that I had not thought of in probably 20 years.  It just suddenly popped into my head one day – I actually wondered if the book might be suitable for a friend’s daughter – but I couldn’t remember anything about it other than the broadest strokes of the story.  So I did a bit of online research, and that’s when I discovered that just this past February, The Cartoon Network began airing a Bunnicula TV show (perhaps that should not come as such a surprise, given the industry’s propensity towards “everything old is everything we’re rebooting.”)

Earlier today I ran across a similar moment of kismet (like kismet, I guess, but more backwards-er?) when I thought about this gorgeous polish, Gloss ‘N Sparkle’s The Huntress, for the first time in about a year.  It’s not that I don’t like it.  On the contrary, I think it’s beautiful, and it looks like a dark fairy’s pixie dust.  But being the only Gloss ‘N Sparkle polish in my collection, I overlook it time and time again in favour of my KBs, my Enchanteds, my Candy Lacquers.  Those are the polishes in my collection that have some serious numbers behind them.  That in turn led me to wonder if Gloss ‘N Sparkle, an Australian indie brand, was even still in business.  I figured they had been out of the game for quite some time.  So I typed in their web address and was redirected to their Facebook page, where I discovered that they had in fact just shut down the business, once again this past February.

Also, my bathroom might be haunted, but that’s ever so slightly besides the point right now.  Let’s just enjoy this pretty polish (which is not as remotely lumpy-looking in real life as it’s presenting in these photos) and marvel at the weirdness of the universe!

The Huntress Fingers


7 thoughts on “The Huntress

  1. Aww, didn’t know they went out of business…I know I have at least one of theirs, they are pretty…

    It is really weird how you keep having these moments of syncopation or whatever, not really sure what to call it…..we need to hear about the haunted bathroom!

    • Yes, that’s exactly it! Syncopation – good word. Because it’s like I’m in step with some other plane in the universe, but also ever so slightly out of step with it at the same time.

      So I should turn this into some nail art and a blog post, but as for the bathroom, lots of weird, middle-of-the-night clanging and banging and rattling noises in the wee small hours of the day. That can probably be explained away by plumbing issues, which as of late my building HAS been suffering from.

      Doesn’t explain the child I heard crying in the bathtub at 2 a.m. a couple of weeks ago, though.

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