Life of Pi(e)

Life of Pie Bottle

I think all of my glittery jellies, like this one, Emily de Molly’s much loved The Unloved, look like pie filling.  So I crusted this manicure up a bit, painting on some lattice-type pastry work using a Whimsy I’ve been getting a lot of enjoyment out of lately, butterscotch-hued Caramellow.

And now I want pie.  This is not an unusual feeling for me – I usually want pie, particularly if it’s my favourite dessert of all time, my mother’s homemade apple pie.  It is SO GOOD and completely unlike any other pie I’ve ever eaten – sweet, but a touch salty, with a mix of about five different apples and tender pastry I’d cross a desert for.  Oh man, now I want THAT pie! The craziest thing of all is if I called and even so much as hinted that I was hankering for her pie, she’d make it and have it delivered to me by midnight (my parents live quite close to me, but still!)  Just one of the many (spoiled) benefits to being an only child – POD (or Pie On Demand.)

Life of Pie Fingers


13 thoughts on “Life of Pi(e)

  1. Totally does look like pie filling!!

    I am not a pie fan, like at all. Cake/cookie/brownie for me, but no nuts or coconut or weird stuff, no sneaky raisins etc…lol!

    • Whaaaa?? How can you — what the — I’m so confused! Actually, I’m not – my best friend also dislikes pie. All fruit-based desserts, actually, but pie is definitely on her no-no list. I’m so curious, what is it about pie? Because it’s totally one of those things that’s dependent on the crust – shit crust, shit pie.

      • Okay, I can see how that could be viewed (and tasted) as kind of gross. For the record, though, I dislike warm pie. So much better cold or room temperature the next morning for breakfast.

    • Thank you! And POD should totally be a thing (and I’m not talking about the band; wow, are they even still around?) Pie for all! It should be a political party, really. I’d vote for them.

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