Peak My Interest

Peak My Interest Bottle

So winter returned with a vengeance today.  Seriously, check this out.  That totally indistinguishable mass of grey clouds and pelting snow?  Hiding an entire RIVER.  The Ottawa River, to be exact, not that you’d ever know it.  Clearly I am living in a snow globe.

Snow Day

Shit’ll melt (heavens, that was an elegant turn of phrase) but until then, I need to do something to cheer myself up.  Because this major a snowstorm this late in the season is a major bummer.  Enter KB Shimmer’s Peak My Interest, a sheer, coral pink jelly sprinkled with periwinkle, pink, baby blue and white hex and triangle glitter. I always think this polish looks like Palm Springs in a bottle – it’s very early bird special, no?  Maybe that’s just the fabulously flamingo vibe I also get off this polish.  Hard to escape the Florida with this one!

Peak My Interest Fingers

4 thoughts on “Peak My Interest

  1. Ugh, that weather is a bummer!! Here, it’s either cold, windy, rainy, or some combination of the three. But at least not snowing. Maybe this weekend, it will be wintery cold.

    Definitely Florida flamingo vibe to the polish — we have to think warm!

    • For real, what is this crap?! Then today it’s, like, 10 degrees above zero, so everything is melting and it’s a total slush hole out there. So I guess we’ll just have to keep painting our nails with these summery colours and FORCE this spring thing to fully commit already.

      • Exactly! It was supposed to rain (again!) yesterday and I look out and it is sleeting, big white pieces whizzing down fast like rain. Ugh.

        I am wearing Top Shelf Lacquer Ocean Breeze…trying to will that tropical feeling…but I really just want some nice Spring weather, you know!?

      • Oh, do I know! It’s gorgeous and sunny – but cool – right now, but apparently it’s going to freeze rain again tonight and snow? I just really don’t have the energy to care any more! Spring will get here when it damn well gets here. Harumph!

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