Foiled Again!

Foiled Again fingers 1

When I feel lacking in creative spark – sort of like I do now, caught somewhere between seasons and holidays – I like to haul out my polish collection and just start playing around. Sometimes my nail experiments – those moments when I just randomly throw any combination of polishes together – don’t yield the most positive of results.  I’ve sat back on more than a few occasions and gone, “Well, that’s just crap!” before blighting my efforts from the earth with acetone.

But every now and then I hit on something that’s easy, fun and super cute, and I’m all the better for having just mucked about first for a bit to see what sticks.  For this very opalescent-looking manicure, I used two shimmer-enhanced, foil-type polishes in Pantone’s Colors of the Year, pale periwinkle Serenity and baby pink Rose Quartz.  Laying down a base of the icy blue, I then topped it with random, nearly-dry brushstrokes in the frosty pink. And that’s pretty much it (save for the tiny silver star studs I added at the very end.) The resulting mani is super pretty, yet somehow still subtle, the purple shimmer in each frosty, foil-type polish blending beautifully for a simply gorgeous look.  Love.

Foiled Again fingers 2

7 thoughts on “Foiled Again!

    • It’s just the dry brushing technique, but the foil polishes (that are very similar, actually) blended together really well to make something a little bit more impressive looking!

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