Powwow in Pink

Powwow Collage

Bah, another gloomy, overcast start to the week.  Looks like this is a job for a cheery – and cherry – pink holo, kind of like this holo, Cirque’s perfectly pink Powwow.

I’ve actually never featured Powwow on this blog before, and I don’t quite know why – how did I manage to overlook this beauty?  It’s such a gorgeous colour, a true cerise pink, and the linear holo effect is just stunning. Like all of Cirque’s holos, this one went on a touch thick, but in a way that made application smooth and precise as opposed to gloppy and lumpy.  And the smell?  Divine, and that’s saying so much given that we are still talking about nail polish here.  Cirque’s holos are all scented like fresh freesia, a fragrance I find particularly intoxicating (especially the white ones that smell like black pepper.)  When I wear these polishes, I really have to sort of work at keeping my fingers away from my nose, lest I fall into severe Mary Katherine Gallagher territory (I mean, I’ll walk into walls because I’m so busy staring down at my pretty, pretty nails, but I draw the line at surreptitiously huffing my nail polish!)

Powwow Sunshine Fingers

8 thoughts on “Powwow in Pink

  1. I didn’t know they were scented, interesting. I think I have only one of this brand from a blog sale…Alter Ego. I’ll be danged it does say fragrance as last ingredient…

    I am wearing a similar color to the above…I layered Funky Fingers Beauty School Dropout over Sinful Colors Surreally Sweet (which is a “Sugar Crushin'” textured polish).

    • I love textured polishes. I have a couple and they’re awesome – I wish I could get a bit more use out of them, though.

      Yup, these polishes smell so great. It’s a super fragrance.

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