Mega Bottle

Ooh, who’s a pretty girl then? This polish, definitely this polish, ILNP’s silver stunner, Mega, and the newest addition to my pile of holographic hotties.

Mega Fingers

Orly’s Mirrorball, a silver holo sprinkled with iridescent glitter, was last year’s pick for Most Valuable (Holo) Polish, though I never much cared for its sallow yellow tinge against my predominately pink hide. So I was delighted to find this ILNP beauty, a smooth and sparkly silver that leans towards a most flattering icy blue.

And the holographic effect? Second only to Color Club’s Crystal Baller in terms of rainbow-throwage – this mega polish really lives up to its Mega name!

Mega Collage

16 thoughts on “Mega

  1. OMG! I’d stare at my nails all day if I wore this! I love holos. Can you reco nude / light tan holos? I collect them. 😀 So far my fav is Color Club Cherubic:

    I call them my work appropriate BLING. 😛

    • Totally work appropriate! I have very pale skin, so the nude holos I gravitate towards are very pale. My two favourites are KB Shimmer’s In Bare Form (super holo effect, pale ivory colour, great formula; I just bought my second bottle after going through a first) and Picture Polish’s Cherish, which has sort of scattered holo flakies in it (also a pale ivory, very delicate.) Hope that helps!

  2. Excellent polish! I bought it quite awhile back and my husband will still bring up the name once in awhile…obviously it stuck in his mind (probably associates it to Mega Man game or something)..


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