Obsession Collage

Guess who might be a wee bit obsessed with Polish Me Silly’s Mega Multichrome polishes? Yup, this person! So how fortunate that the name of the third such polish I’m featuring this calendar week is Obsession, right? Because I’m feeling quite strongly about these polishes.

As in they’re fantabulous, and I want to immediately snap up all that I haven’t already purchased (which is actually not very many, sadly/not sadly for my wallet.) Obsession is a particularly lovely addition to the collection, shifting gorgeously between dark purple, jade green, turquoise, denim blue and a heathery kind of purple that I always refer to as “chemical haze.” So freakin’ beautiful.

Obsession Fingers Side

I also don’t feel like I’ve harped on enough about the formula of these multi-chrome polishes, which is, across every single one of these lacquers, universally awesome. Like painting your nails with satin is how I recently described it, and that description stands. It’s very lush, very plush and applies like a dream about shiny rainbow things.

Better Bottle

Huge recommendation on these polishes. Get yours at Polish Me Silly.

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