PB&J For Mother’s Day!

Mom PBandJ Fingers

Small tip: Unless you are giving your mother this lovely nail polish, Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s jammy-looking Peanut Butter and Jelly, and unless you are aged six and under, the phrase “peanut butter and jelly” should not factor into ANY Mother’s Day celebrations. Trust me on this one, friends – BREAK OUT YOUR BIG GUNS.  My mom’s a pretty cool lady, but even I know one does not skimp on Mother’s Day.  This evening my husband and I are hosting my parents here for a late dinner and a movie, but the other day my mom and I played hooky and took in a so cute (and very funny) showing of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, complete with mini Snickers bites, so at least that part’s sorted!

I hope you, too, are having a nice one with your moms today, if you’re able.  I’ve always lived in the same city as my mother (and often within walking distance, at that) AND we have a close relationship – as such, I often forget that other daughters and sons do not enjoy the same. So I hope you are indeed having a happy one, hopefully just enjoying each other’s company.  Go to a movie!  Stuffing your mother full of chocolate bites works WONDERS. 😉

Mother PB and J Bottle

3 thoughts on “PB&J For Mother’s Day!

  1. I missed commenting here, thought I did. This is one of like four Pams I own…one of my early indie purchases, nice unique brand who keeps it simple…I definitely remember wearing this and taking pix with my phone.

    • She’s a really nice woman, too. And yes, the thing I like the most about her polishes is they’re nice and uncluttered. Her cremes are pretty outstanding, too. This looks so much better than it did a year ago. I don’t know if it’s had time to settle or whatever, but the colour (a really nice jammy purple) and the consistency were super this time.

      • I was going to say it looks just slightly different than I remember…I’ll have to check on mine and see it looks same today as my nail wheel swatch…

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