War Pigs

Lighted Pigs

Camouflage pigs!  And a fine print for concealing your swine during war…time.  “Cry `Havoc!’, and let slip the piglets of war.”  That’s totally what Shakespeare meant, I know it. 😉


11 thoughts on “War Pigs

    • Yeah, it is kind of random! Okay, it went a bit like this:

      – I’m going to do a camo print.
      – Camo reminds me of war.
      – Oh great, now I’ve got War Pigs by Black Sabbath stuck in my head.
      – War Pigs! Wait, pigs of war. CAMOUFLAGE PIGS!

      And then two and a half hours later I was done. Seriously, these nails took FOREVER!

      • Ahhhh! Thanks for explaining, that make sense.. 😀

        Sooo glad Girly Bits Dead Mans Toe got used again… 😀

      • Ha, I know it’s your favourite. 😉 But really, people LOVE that polish – I get so many compliments on it when I wear it. It’s just one of those ones.

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