Back Splash

1970s Backsplash

So this is totally the tile backsplash in the Golden Girls’ Miami kitchen, right?  We just need an always-at-the-ready and ever-so artfully displayed cherry cheesecake parked in the foreground and we’ll be all set!

For these free-handed geometric nails (striping tape makes me itchy) I used four Essie polishes from last year’s summer collection, white Private Weekend, pale lemon Chillato, coral Peach Side Babe and baby blue Salt Water Happy, outlining the design in a favourite Pure Ice polish, lime green Wild Thing.

5 thoughts on “Back Splash

    • Glad to oblige! I don’t know, if you told me I could have an awesome house like that and all I had to do was live with three other old ladies after our husbands have kicked it…? Maybe! 🙂

    • Oh no, I don’t think this is actually the tile design! At least I don’t think it is…but all that orange and lime green and that weird lemon colour? That’s the back splash in the kitchen of four Miami senior citizens for sure!

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