Beach Blanket

Beach Blanket Collage

Over the span of about eight overnight hours, my city went from cool, sweetly-scented springtime glory to dank, humid cesspool.  Summer arrived in a big, bad way this morning, and it’s already disgusting.  And because I live in a condo managed by a bunch of old ladies who never got over the high school urge to mean girl one another, thus leading to many poor fiduciary decisions, such as whatever snit fit led to our heaters – freaking uncontrollable from within our units, by the way – continuing to be cranked to 11 at the end of May, we are sitting in +30 degree weather WITH THE HEATERS ON.  So now we have both our air conditioner AND our heat PUMPIN’.  Carbon footprint?  Pfft.  Besides, this is just making up for the snit fit last year that led to the entire building’s heat not being turned on until mid-December.  I’m Pauly Shore’s burrito in Encino Man – hot on the outside, icy cold in the middle (“What’s a Pauly Shore?” said so many people.)

Back to the nails?  Yes, let’s.  This is Contrary Polish’s Beach Blanket, a fitting name for such a muggy day.  I’ve had this polish for a while, but I don’t believe I’ve ever given it the swatching treatment before, shame on me.

Beach Blanket Fingers

Beach Blanket is a jelly-type polish, and so it’s quite sheer – this one will require at least four coats if you’re twitchy about visible nail lines.  Dusted with fine purple shimmer, Beach Blanket takes on a cool speckled look in the shade – combined with its lush red hue, the overall effect is very juicy strawberry.  Lovely.

Beach Blanket Bottle

9 thoughts on “Beach Blanket

  1. Same here with weather, cold spring dragged on and on, then suddenly warm summer. I can’t believe you can’t control the temp in your place, that is crazy 😦

    BTW: Encino Man is an awesome movie 🙂

    I like this Contrary polish, even tho I am not into red polish. I think I have one Contrary (unused of course) called 18th and Vine, a blue with pink shimmer… It was a from Fall 2013 No Place Like Home collection, so I have a mental block about wearing it any other season…

    • Clarification: We SHOULD be able to control the heat, but we can’t. Our on-wall units control NOTHING (but my levels of rage.) I think June 1st may be the cut-off here – until then, the heat stays on. It’s insane. Here’s a mean tip – don’t live around tons of old people. They’re cold all the time and so. freaking. nasty.

      Um, Encino Man is indeed awesome. I am glad we are in total agreement on this point – otherwise, this online friendship is OVER! 😉

      I know that polish – it’s super nice; kind of dusky periwinkle, right? I’m not sure if it’s of the same sort of jelly formulation, but they’re great polishes – super nice coverage, and the colour-building was great.

      • LOL about the thermostat controlling your level of rage…

        Yeah I can see how that environment is tough…with the old folks who are chilly..why else do so many of them move to Florida? Actually come to think of it, I assumed there were no old people in Canada…don’t you have like 9 months of winter?

        I think we have enough in common that our online friendship is safe! We have nail polish, Bunnincula and Encino Man (and nail polish)!

      • See, every very elderly person I’ve ever met has liked their environs to be positively sub-tropical – my grandmother’s entire apartment building (average age of the residents: 79) was always SWAMPY. Eeugh, gross. I wish they’d all go away in the winter, but no, lots stay here. 😦

  2. Yep, Sandra, I think at a certain point in life, you must want the temp to match your age (this works in Farenheit). 😀

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