Butterfly Garden

Butterflies in the Sun

Oh, dainty little glitter butterflies, you are terrifically cute, but you vex me so.  That I could clip your tiny paper wings, I WOULD, clip ’em good, because they are sticking up everywhere, even after two thick coats of Seche Vite, and snagging on ALL THE THINGS. This is seriously the prettiest, most annoying manicure ever!

Butterflies in the Shade

8 thoughts on “Butterfly Garden

  1. LOL! I was going to say that’s the kind of glitter placement for me, a few random butterflies… But yeah if it doesn’t lay flat, ugh…

    Super pretty tho!! Thanks for suffering for your art, for us 😀

    • SUCH suffering! Only in that this manicure barely lasted – a few hours later I took it off because all the butterflies had taken flight. Very weird, as I don’t recall the polish they belong to (a Candy Lacquer mega glitter bomb) being all stick uppy (technical term.)

      • I totally accept “sticky-uppy” as a technical term..

        I just caught it is two diff butterfly shapes. Observant, I is.

  2. The orange and pink butterflies are giving me the heebies, I’m shuddering at just the sight of how sticky uppy they are and I’m actually experiencing phantom snagging feelings. Such a lovely but hellish mani!

    • Heebie away – this manicure barely lasted, because the blasted butterflies caught on EVERYTHING. I made dinner and did laundry and then looked down and saw that every single edge was poking up. HATE. Total pain in my arse, but adorable still.

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