Portrait of the Artist as a Gardener

EDM Bottle

Another literary reference for you there, this time tying this polish, Emily de Molly’s Monet’s Garden, to James Joyce’s Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man.  Wah-wah.  It’s not my best literary allusion, but I try (actually, I don’t; Portrait is another one of those texts I was assigned across multiple courses in university, and yet still managed to avoid like it was carrying the plague.  Paging Mr. Joyce: HAVE A FREAKING POINT.)

The point of this post was to highlight Monet’s Garden, a favourite of mine and a fitting polish for this rainy, nearly heady summer’s day, but I fear I’m just exposing myself as an academic fraud – in my English classes in particular, if I could avoid a text, I would.  Which is not exactly the point in pursuing a post-secondary education, now, is it, although I take perverse pleasure in having dodged dour old Joyce across three different classes.  THAT I remember, go figure.

EDM Fingers Front

EDM Fingers Side

5 thoughts on “Portrait of the Artist as a Gardener

  1. Interested how you were assigned the reading but avoided actually reading it? Was it not part of a test or essay or something later in the course?

    This is a super pretty polish. I am reminded of the fact I jumped on other similar EdM polishes (the “Forces” : Cosmic, Oceanic and Dark, can’t remember if I got all three or not), and then never ever wore them. I should fix that (tho I am hoarding many “special untrieds” and not sure what I am waiting on)…

    For what it’s worth, I am currently wearing EdM Secret Agenda, a purple base + glitter. I had to nubinize last night, so I needed some comfort in purple form.

    • Well, I think I lucked out partly through plain old luck, but also a sense that my teachers weren’t really feeling those texts either, so the likelihood of them showing up in a major way on an exam was unlikely. Most of my English exams were essay-type questions where you had to link a number of different texts to one question, across genres, authors, etc., and I usually knew *just* enough about, say, Portrait to bullshit my way through the bare minimum, if I had to include it. If it was assigned as part of an essay, though, or some class participation BS, I had no choice. But yeah, I took a gamble, basically, and it paid off – still haven’t read that freaking book!

      I love all those polishes so much – they were my first major indie purchases. This one has held up really well. It’s three years old now. How are yours looking?

      • I gotcha about the reading/testing, bit of a gamble but “B.S.-able”…

        I believe all my EdM’s are holding up great, they seem great quality….I need more! 😀

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