Arteries of the Sea

Artery Coral 2

This manicure started out life as a coral design.  I was going to make a bunch of The Walking Dead Carl/Coral jokes, too (the filthier and more unhinged Rick gets, the more he defaults to bellowing for his son, CORAL!!! Please watch this short YouTube video that inexplicably makes me nearly pee my pants every time I see it for further explanation and laughter:)

All was going well with the CORAL!!! design until I added the dark orange and yellow shading along the branches of the you-know-what, turning this CAWWWWRRRLLL into something more closely resembling the diagram on page 74 of your grade 11 biology textbook.  Still pretty, although also sort of icky.  I don’t like it when my nail art gets too real.  Cotton candy zombie unicorns, yes, the inner workings of the human form, lord NO.

And so I changed the title of this post to better reflect the reality of these nails, although I’m glad I was able to work in that Walking Dead joke regardless.  Bless you, Rick Grimes, you incompetent bastard; never stop losing your sh— CORAL?!?

Artery Coral 1

8 thoughts on “Arteries of the Sea

    • Andrew Lincoln, who plays I guess the lead character, southern sherriff Rick Grimes (the filthy, unhinged guy with or without a giant, blood-soaked beard, depending on the season) is British and speaks with an English accent. When he’s bellowing for his son, Carl, or wailing in anguish over something Carl-related, which is ALL THE TIME, the southern accent and his native English accent get all screwed up and it comes out “CORAL!” Or CAWRRRRRLLLL. It’s kind of the ugliest noise ever.

      • Ahhh I should’ve watched the video before! It’s great! I agree that is begging to be mocked…

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